Disney X Cath Kidston Alice in Wonderland collection



When the email dropped into my inbox revealing the new Disney X Cath Kidston collaboration I literally did a little happy dance in seeing Alice pop up onto my screen!! But I’m not going to lie I did have an inkling that the 6th Disney X Cath Kidston collaboration might feature the golden haired girl in blue to join in characters such as Peter pan, Winnie the pooh and Minnie and Micky mouse with her very own collection.

Since its original release back in the 1950”s Alice in Wonderland has been a firm favourite amongst family’s with the quirky, eccentric, colourful characters an absolue visual delight. My love for Alice came from an early age from visiting Euro Disney back in 1993 and being absolutely astounded by Alice’s Curious labyrinth and from then on Alice was well and truly a firm favourite in my heart. Following in my love for Alice is my daughter Betty, I have always admired Betty as from being tiny, she didn’t follow her friends in dressing up as Disney princesses or the latest characters but instead she is our little Alice and in 2017 dressed as Alice she finally got to meet her hero…..a magical memory


I was really lucky that my local Cath Kidston store was holding one of the late night launches on Thursday 24th May and what a lovely opportunity for Betty to get dressed up and come share the experience with me. We had so much fun walking through the empty streets of York with Betty all dressed up…she felt so special as people addresseed her as Alice and waved at her.


The York Cath Kidston looked amazing..the items were displayed absolutely beautifully and the retail assistants were beyond helpful…I had already produced a wish list before attending the event and I also had a very tight budget so my main aim was to get things for our new house. My only problem with the launch was the timing…I had bought a fair amount of the last Mickey and Minnie collection in the sale at ridiculously marked down prices so I had already purchased some of the essential items I was wanting.


This whole collection is full of imagination, colour and humour from the opening video of an oversized Alice painting flowers red to tweedle dee and tweedle dum leaping from a childs backpack.


Alice is given a pop art twist as she graces a white back ground with red spots and in a complete contrast you are given a classic Cath floral print with Alice attempting to ‘paint the roses red’, but my absolute favourate print has to be Alice set amongst the daisies with the dreamy blue background and little bread and butterflies.



This classic print contains iconic quotes and characters from the 1951 Disney film, all among sketched drawings of our heritage florals and painterly blooms. Spot the ever-so-sleepy Dormouse and talking daffodils amongst the inky lines of this beautiful design that features across Fashion, Home and Kids.

screenshot_20180517-143308_samsung internet4918228333242088266..jpg

My next purchase was a must have for me as my absolute favourite item in the whole collection is the Tote bag but I knew I couldn’t stretch my budget to buying it so close to my children’s half term so second best was the mug…coming in its own collectors box and being a different shape to the usual Cath Mugs. I really don’t want to use it like I might accidently smudge the pain or more likely drop it!! haha!


Then onto another key piece for me this time in the children’s section…previously I have bought the character water bottles for my children and we were super excited about Alice and her friends joining our collection…


Betty was absolutely overjoyed at the amount of Children’s items available in this collection and her favourite pieces were the beautiful vintage style Alice printed dress and the very vibrant mini bags featuring Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and Alice with a very glittery heart. I would also like to draw attention to Betty amazing hair bow which is from an incredibly talented designer who has the most unbelievably detailed Disney themed bows available to buy on Etsy and her Instagram is @wardrobeofwonderland







What I bought….

Alice hearts drinking bottle £8

Falling Alice lanyard £4.50

Alice and friends plate £10

Set of two falling Alice tea towels £15

Alice and friends Mad Hatter mug £10

Alice and friends Cheshire cat bowl £10

Alice Meadow boxed gift mug £12

Alice meadow chunky pen £7


I am so pleased with the items which I purchased and I know that I will treasure them for years to come along with the canvas limited edition shopper which I was kindly given to bring my items home in.


Completely out of the blue my Partner surprised me a week after the launch with a very early birthday present and my beloved Alice Meadow applique Tote. I cannot describe just how much I adore this bag, its just so classic and the detail is absolute perfection, I cannot wait to wear it in the Disneyland Paris Parks and to add Disney to all my outfits.





All in all this collection is my absolute favourite Disney collaboration ever there is nothing in the collection that I did not just absolutly adore, the detail, the 8 amazing prints, the choice of characters and also the price range for me was just right for the products offered.


Bravo Cath Kidston and also to your Marketing team who constantly replied and liked my stories and pictures. It made the whole event so much more special and I felt like the team genuinely enjoyed my posts as well.


Love and Peace

Disney Mummy Abs


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