How to revamp your kitchen dresser

I've always loved up-cycling and restoring used furniture, and my mission when we moved to our new house was to start doing more with some of the drabber items in our home....Yippee This particular dresser was nothing special....basic boring varnished pine with no character at all...just like the family member who passed it onto us. … Continue reading How to revamp your kitchen dresser

Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30

Ok so those who follow me over on Instagram will know all about my little dancing accident back in July, which resulted in my snapped acrutiatic ligurment in my knee. I would normally take something like this very seriously but in the circumstances it really was hilarious.... So picture the best friends wedding and… Continue reading Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30

Disney Newcastle Meet Up December 2018

On Sunday, December 2nd I was incredibly lucky to be able to join the inspirational queen of the UK Disney community Rosin @disneyfind, at a wonderful Newcastle meet up perfectly in time for Christmas I cannot imagine how much time and thought Rosin put into this meet up as everything was perfect thoughout the evening… Continue reading Disney Newcastle Meet Up December 2018