Disney Newcastle Meet Up December 2018

On Sunday, December 2nd I was incredibly lucky to be able to join the inspirational queen of the UK Disney community Rosin @disneyfind, at a wonderful Newcastle meet up perfectly in time for Christmas
I cannot imagine how much time and thought Rosin put into this meet up as everything was perfect thoughout the evening and so many lovely personal touches were added to make this such a fantastic evening.
The event was held at the Tyneside Cinema located on Pilgram street in Newcastle City centre and luckily for me, there was parking really close to the venue which was a relief as I driven down from York. Now I need to take a minute to explain about this venue and how nostalgic the interior is, the whole building is like a museum to its past self. I later found out that this is the exact cinema which my Grandparents used to frequently visit in their early days of courting which made the evening even more special for me and I can just imagine them pretending to watch a movie while having a cheeky kiss on the back row!!!!
On arrival Rosin was ready to welcome the congregation of Disney fans and I must admit what a great sight it was seeing such an array of people all dressed head to toe with their own interpretation of what Disney is to them. I also thought another small detail which I found incredibly humbling was the small details added from small businesses in the Disney community which brought people together and started conversations within the group.
I myself choose to wear my beloved ‘Self-confessed Disnerd’ white tee from Rock paper sisters with jeans and a pair of spanks which went from my bust to my knees!!
leading up to the event I told myself that I was not going to let my social anxiety affect me and that everyone at the event was there for the same reason…we all love Disney and wanted to meet like-minded people. So I thought I’m going to push myself to be more outgoing like I used to be.

When entering the private function room I was greeted with 3 rows of velvet red sofas facing an intimate cinema screen with an open fire scene playing which added to the ambience of the evening perfectly but made me sweat even more with nerves.
In one corner there was a perfectly lit Christmas tree with Disney store boxes lovingly placed underneath and Minnie themed stockings also. Next to the tree there were 3 rows of string with various Disney characters pegged onto it and to the left of the room a long table which contained Minnie and Mickey cupcakes(which tasted delicious by the way), a make your own Olaf (have a go yourself here), Princess inspired photo booth and a draw your own Mickey Mouse.
These little extras really helped in being icebreakers to get the group talking and interacting with each other which was another well thought out detail. I worked my way around the room introducing myself, while yrying not to ramble on as i do when im nervous I found if I asked people’s instagram names and then added them as a friend we had something to talk about instantly, thanks Insta xxx.

After the introductions, we had a quiz which i must admit was really hard but still good fun. I suck at fast quizzes so as I expected I missed out on a prize here, Rosin also gave a prize for the worst score which again was a super cute touch.
Alongside everything else we had the most amazing goody bags which contained a pin from Magical thunder press, a watch which I am obsessed with from Popcorn Clothing and a meet up personalised badge from Bishop Please as well as some personal pieces from Rosin. Such a surprise and generous addition to the evening.
Rosin had a selection of dvds for us to watch on the big screen and thankfully we picked Mulan which is a classic but not a film I’ve recently exhausted at home with the kids….yes Toy Story every day for a month takes it’s toll!!!! Hahaha
I cannot believe how much I enjoyed watching the film, I’m not sure if it was die to the popcorn and cupcakes, the being able to relax for the first time in a while or just the whole evening in general but I loved Mulan before but even more so now. It was so nice to watch a movie without any interruptions from my children, my phone and life in general so thank you again Rosin for such a wonderful idea.
Another highlight to my evening was getting to speak to the incredibly talented and inspirational Sarah Louise Porter and it was so nice to finally be able to talk to her and I hope in the new year to be able to spend more time with both Rosin and Sarah up in the Toon.
If your thinking about holding a meet up yourself in your town or attending one in the near future DO IT. You have nothing to loose but so so much to gain my lovelies.
Lots.of love

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