How to revamp your kitchen dresser

I’ve always loved up-cycling and restoring used furniture, and my mission when we moved to our new house was to start doing more with some of the drabber items in our home….Yippee
This particular dresser was nothing special….basic boring varnished pine with no character at all…just like the family member who passed it onto us.  Previously when restoring furniture I have had a plan and vision for the piece and this item was originally going to be in the cream tone and then sell it on bish bash bosh.  But! When you see the final piece you will see why I changed my mind and now this dresser is one of my absolute favourite pieces of furniture in my house.


For all you lovely peeps wanting to do something similar for yourself here’s my easy follow step by step guide for you to follow.
What products have I used??
I am very loyal with the products which I use in my furniture restoration, as I know they work and always give me the desired effects and finish I want.  but please do try your own as there are so many products out there now and slightly cheaper to.
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Annie Sloan Furniture Wax
  • Annie Sloan Furniture Buffing Brush
  • Dusting Smooth Cloth
  • Cath Kidston Tea towels or Thick Fabric
  • Modge Podge
Step 1
OK so before I begin painting any item of furniture, I always use something like ‘elbow grease’ everyday cleaner on a clean cloth to remove any unwanted dirt, grease and marks, this leaves you with a lovely clean surface, which allows the paint to glide onto the wood smooth and easily.
Once you have chosen your colour (I used Annie Sloan in Paris Grey) follow the instructions on the tin before beginning to paint any items, but once you are all ready to begin slap the paint on all over the visible areas of the piece of furniture.  The great thing about chalk paint is that it does not need to be used by a professional, it can be slapped on in any old direction, this just adds to the final look of your piece.  Some pieces of furniture may need 2 coats of paint while others may be fine with just the 1 coat.

Tip – If you are running low on paint add some water to the tin for the second coat

1 coat of paint with draws removed

Step 2

I like to give my painted pieces at least 12 hours to dry before I begin this next phase…Waxing.  Sometimes I love this part other times I hate it, it all depends on the piece of furniture but if you are ready to get stuck in and be confident you will be fine.  I use the Annie Sloan chalk-paint-wax-brushes-lifestyle-shot-wax brush, which is tapered with thick bristles, which helps to get the wax into each knuck and cranny of your piece.  When waxing your item be prepared for the colour of the paint to change slightly, as the wax seeps into the paint it will naturally darken the colour but once you have buffed the wax your colour will look incredible…Trust me.
Ok so once you have applied the wax to all the areas the fun part is beginning to buff the wax with your smooth cloth and seeing the piece come alive.  Buffing the wax will leave you with a smooth and protected surface.
TIP – In the areas were I used fabric I didn’t use pain or wax to save myself time and effort.

Step 3

Once you have completed the above steps you can just leave the dresser how it is or you can go ahead and add your individual touch.  I used the fabric from a tea towel from the Disney x Cath Kidston, Alice in Wonderland Collection to add detail to the cupboard doors and the draws.  The fabric used to make the tea towels is perfect for decoupaging (Découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper or fabric to a piece of furniture) as its waxed and robust.  I measured the area you want to cover and then cut out the pieces.  Try not to over think lovelies as this can be quite fiddly!!
Using an old brush paint the Modge podge onto the surface and quickly press the fabric onto the area.  I like to pain around the fabric edges to seal the fabric in place, once you are happy with the fabrics position and that there is no air bubbles.
So there you have it, it really is a lot easier than you think and only a day or two’s effort.  Have fun and if you up cycle any of your furniture I would love to see it.
Abs xxxxxx

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