Shop Disney’s NEW Princess Bracelet Collection 2019

I’m not going to lie but… I have a slight obsession with Disney themed everything…but especially beautifully crafted and designed Disney jewelry. Now I know how lucky I am that I have a nice collection of designer and Disney pieces in my collection and I also have 2 little Princesses who like to ‘borrow’ and ‘model’ my pieces at any chances they get. Come on weve all done it right? I still visit my Nana now and love looking through her aloborate collection of rubys, opels and diamonds.

When Shop Disney UK releveled In December that they would be launching a Disney princess collection of bracelets and charms throughout 2019 I was so excited. This idea I think is just so adorable and both my girls couldn’t wait to see which princess would fall on their birthday.

How does it work?

On the last Saturday of every calendar month a new Princess with her own theme and colour are launched. To accompany the charms you are able to purchase a silver bracelet to hold your charms. The bracelet fastens just like a Pandora Bracelet and includes a safety clasp to hold the charms in place should the bracelet open.

The Bracelets are available in two sizes 17 and 19 cm

The Princess Charms

So this month we are introduced to this incredible collection with one of my all time favourite Princesses Aurora, her charms are 2 oval pink in colour glass beads which cuddle the heart shaped classic charm featuring the princesses artwork and diamante detail with hearts lazer but into the body of the charm. Heart-shaped bead features classic character artwork and diamanté detail.

Next month we excited to welcome Pocahontas to the collection.

The Bracelets are Priced at £8 (17cm) and £10 (19cm)

The Charm sets are £8 each

To fill the bracelet you are looking at roughly £104!!

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