Half term adventures.. Piglets adventure farm

Tucked away just 15 minutes from York Piglets adventure farm is a full day out for children and adults with endless activities and themes through out the year. Our favourite time to visit is Halloween (our favourite holiday) but with the fantastic weather this February helf term and my obsession with any kind of baby animals we have come to piglets this February half term.

Named February Frolics we are promised activities in the animal barn, farmer Geoffreys live animal show and tractor trailer rides to the play barn. Usually this time of year I cannot think of anything worse than to be stuck outside shivering my boobs off watching the children play but today hit almost 18 degrees so I really had nothing to complain about did I!! I even got stuck in and had a round of crazy golf!!!

Food glorious fooooooood!!!

FOk so if your like me and often your choice of a family day out is highly influenced by the selection of cakes and the strength of the coffee served then we’d most definitely get on!!!  I can happily inform you that piglets will NOT disappoint you. With a generous inside cafe by the entrance with children’s snacks, healthy options and CAKE…and also a cute soft play area (all this can be accessed without actually entering the adventure park..)while inside you have a snack shack, outside cafe and also hidden inside the play barn a short tractor ride away, is the most insane stone baked Pizzas priced reasonably at £7 for 11″ and lovely fresh brood coffee.  Perfect!! Of course if you are an organised mum (I hate you!!!!) there are plenty of places to picnic.

I have to say what I love most about Piglets is the range of activities available. There really is something for everyone to enjoy. As a mum to a 13, 10, 7 and 3 year old it can be really difficult for me to find days out which will keep everyone happy but Piglets have totally nailed it!!

Money Money money….lets talk figures!!

Ok so for me this is the deciding point usually. I am not ashamed to admit I am a stereotypical Yorkshire Lass and bloody love a bargain. For me honestly Piglets is really good value for kids but far to over priced for adults…Sorry but I just resent paying high admission prices for adults when most of the activities are for children but unfortunately this is the case in most places.

Prices differ between term time, weekends and holiday events, as we attended a holiday event our prices were Adults – £8.95 and children £10.95. If I had been more organised and booked online £1 would be knocked off each entry price. Piglets also offer a membership which I feel is fantastic value if you have 1 or 2 children. Membership offers you entry all year (extra cost for Christmas which youd expect) and lots of other benefits and comes in at £50 per child and £45 per adult. This link will direct you to the membership page on the Piglets websitehttps://pigletsadventurefarm.digitickets.co.uk/category/13320

I hope this review is helpful and please drop me a message or comment below I love hearing from you all. This review is 100% my own and not associated in any way with Piglets. I have a weekly vlog over on my instagram which will feature our day out at Piglets so head on over to my youtube for more family fun and frolics!!

Lots of Love

Abs xxxxxx

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