31 Day Blogging Challenge

Theres nothing like a good challenge to motivate and inspire you so here goes … 31 days of blog posts…

1.Introduction and recent picture

I never liked my name growing up and always preferred to be called Abi, I especially loved it when people referred to me as Abs but hated been called Abigail. It always ment I was in trouble or not known very well at all by that person, thing is I now actually love the name but the best thing about been an adult is you can almost persuade most people to call you what you like so for the foreseeable I am called Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock! Just kidding…Abs will do!!

My middle name tells another story…my mum was adopted by my grandmother when she was 3 days old and the name her birth mother chose was Sadie, such a delicate, sweet name, safe to say my mum is neither so was christened Elizabeth.

Names can mean so much to people and all my children are named after someone who has influenced their or my life.

Leo William…both these names represent his Great Grandfathers on his dad’s side.

Gracie Willow…Grace was my Grandpops mothers name and Willow represents the willow tree I used to sit underneath outside my local library as a child reading with my grandma, I loved how safe the tree made me feel as its leaves cascade down almost making a den around us and so many precious memories.

Elizabeth Rose…Elizabeth is my mums name although since been 3 hours old we have only ever called her Betty which has no significant meaning other than now she could never be known as anything other than Betty.

Jozef Andrew…the ZEF ending to the traditional name and spelling is a nod at my partners Polish Grandfather who he looked upto greatly and Andrew is my partners name.

Phewwwww so there you are that’s us and our names all done!!

Oh and here’s me, pic taken on Friday 29th March 2019

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