31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 5

Ive been super excited to get to this day…

“what are your top 5 songs right now?”

Music is my life, it always has been and I must admit I change my mind hourly as to what song I love the most and times and moods will always influence me…but right now this is my top 5 songs!! Enjoy

Redbone – Come and get your love

There are so many great songs in both Guardians of the Galaxy but this song ive chosen because when we were in Disneyland Paris for the Marvel summer of Superhero’s the Guardians of the Galaxy Dance off show (which is insane!!) starts with this song which Gamora and Starlord walk on stage to.

Queen – Who wants to live forever

I recently watched the Bohemian Rhapsody film and it really touched me on a level I wasnt expecting. I just felt so much emotion towards this song and how Freddie must have felt singing it knowing he had aids. Heartbreaking!

Post Malone ft. swae Lee – Sunflower

I am OBSESSED I mean Obsessed with this song!! I loved the film and I love the lyrics so much, its such a short song but it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Abba – Why did it have to be me?

In my car I have the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack and me and the kids can sing EVERY song by heart, but this my absolute favourite to sing along to.

Losttribe – Gamemaster, Signum remix

I have always loved Trance from my early teens and this song really does summarise that love. I can literally close my eyes and be taken to another world and so many memories.

See you tomorrow xxxxxx

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