31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 6

What are your 5 senses right now?


Straight in front of me is my laptop which is sitting on my white ikea desk surrounded by my stationary holder and a fresh cup of coffee in a pink mug. Behind my laptop is a white wall decorated with various white picture frames with different Disney related artwork. Behind me is a large window which lets the outside light flood into the open room we like to use as a play room.


Is there a better taste than a freshly made cup of coffee?? I am a coffee addict that is for sure, I cannot write without a fresh mug. I have a bitter taste left behind after each sip.


The keys on my laptop are cold and solid under my fingers in contrast to the warmth of my coffee mug. A welcome contrast is the comforting soft denim of my jeans hugging my legs and my snuggly fleecy jumper is keeping my body warm.


To my left is my fresh coffee which is gently giving off a bitter smell and to my left is the delightful fragrance of my new candle which smells just like freshly made candy floss at the circus.


The gentle tapping of the keys on my keyboard along with timely vibrations from notifications on my phone. Outside there is a gentle breeze dancing through the trees and birds singing their morning song in competition with our resident Pigeon who fights for his solo.

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