31 Day Blogging challenge…Day 7

Your Pet hates

This is going to be fun…..

  1. Right so when we are at school we are all taught the same language and the same way to speak and spell this language so why do people still say words wrong?? My partner is the absolute worse for this…So instead of saying Horrible he says ‘Orible’. My son will say ‘Nout’ instead of Nothing…NO NO NO NO I know we all have a dialect to our social area but why can my family not say words correctly!!!!!!
  2. People parking in Parent and family spots when they have no children……Selfish
  3. Forgetting to take my bloody reusable bags when I go to the shops!!!!!
  4. When my children steal my Hairbrush, charger, toothbrush, hair bobbles aghhhhhhhh
  5. Missing the bins or waking up hearing them outside, jumping u running outside in you underwear or topless trying to hold up you boobs for the love of god and shouting like a banshee for the bin ment to come back and take the fucking bin
  6. Falling asleep watching something and then having to sit and pick your way through the whole episode next time you watch to find were you got up to.
  7. This might be a bit personal BUT I think that I am the only person in my house that can a)flush the toilet b)clean the toilet if they leave any marks and c)put the bastard toilet seat down.
  8. People who smoke when pushing a pushchair, I mean come on if your that desperate to smoke just wait until your well away from your child. Or any child be honest.
  9. How in 1 shop I am 1 size and then in another I am a completely different size…Why..its just really pissing annoying.
  10. Football coming before everything in the world ever! I cannot believe that soaps are still moved or messed around because a fecking football match is on.

Phewwww it feels good to get that off my chest!!

Do you agree with me? What are your pet hates?

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