Living through a Nightmare

My Sister In law to be has this week experienced something which I think everyone fears beyond believe. At around 1.44am she was woken up to hear her smoke alarms sounding and find that her house was on fire, after running outside to see what was happening she quickly realised that the fire was billowing from the roof. In a state of shock she ran back inside the burning building to save her elderly Grandmothers life who she realised was still in her bedroom upstairs. I think I speak for everyone when I say this, but running back into a burning building takes bravery, courage and the upmost love which I am sure her Grandma will be eternally grateful for.

My Beautiful friend is now left to pick up the pieces after this devastating, unforgiving fire has destroyed everything she possessed and called her own, a lifetime of memories all gone. Our saving grace is that my brave friend who I am incredibly lucky to call family has got her still got her life and saved her Grandma also which is incredible because she is also expecting her first baby in November this year.

As you can Imagin all the worry, stress and upset from this devastating event has had a huge impact on the family and her pregnancy. We are a family of fighters and my friend is one of the bravest ladies I have ever met and after an emergency scan, growing a health, happy and beautiful little baby bean. I cannot wait to be an Aunty.

Now begins the aftermath of such a horrific and catastrophically devastating event, time for our generation to show their compassion, generosity and support to such a brave lady. As a woman can you Imagin loosing all your clothes, shoes and makeup? All your photos, special memories and keepsakes? The thought makes me feel beyond devistated.

If you have any kind words please comment below so I can show her when she is ready and I have a go fund set up for any donations you may be able to part with or any businesses who can gift anything at all to such a heart-breaking cause.

Thank you

Abs xxx

1 thought on “Living through a Nightmare”

  1. My thoughts are with you all. I can’t believe how emotional I got when reading that. Knowing how much I hoard all the small, silly sentimental things, I can’t imagine losing everything like that. Send my best wishes. All the memories remain, even if the physical objects don’t. They still exist in the past.


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