Visit to Primark Birminghams New Store

On our way down to stay with my lovely friend Laura down in Essex it felt silly not to have a short detour via Primarks new store which I’ve seen so many good things about online.

I’m not going to lie the store was absolutely heaving and I guess this is to be expected for this record breaking store right in the heart of Birmingham. First stop…2nd floor to kids wear and the Mickey cafe.

The way the kids section is set up is just perfect and an absolute shopping dream with everything in its place not just all huddles together like in some stores. The Disney section has a true nostalgic feel of the old style of the disneystore and my kids absolutely loved the Disney area. Only negative is that there wasnt as much merch and expected but still loved everything.

So the Disney cafe… well let’s just say it smelled amazing but that’s as far as we got. The question was roughly 90 mins long and when facing a 3 hour car journey down to Essex the wait was to long. Gutted!!

Betty is obsessed with all things wizards and witches at the moment and the Harry Potter area certainly delivered. So much thought and merchandise has gone into this area an absolute must see for any Harry Potter fans out there and certainly osnt overshadowed by all the Disney in this store. If in perfectly honest I loved the H.Potter area more than the Disney area in womenswear.

Win win

We managed to have a quick look on the 1st floor as my girls want Ted a custom tee printed but unfortunately the wait time was just short of 5 hrs so a perfect experience if you have a bit more time but not for us today.

All in all Primark you’ve done good!!! For today the crowds were to much and that’s not the stores fault. I will be back 100% in the near future.

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