Restaurant Review – The Durham Ox, Crayke

The small Village of Crayke is tucked away in the heart of North Yorkshire, and promises you everything you could possibly want from a picture perfect Yorkshire village. I have a very personal connection with Crayke being that all my children are Christened in the local St Cuthbert's church, I attended the primary school here… Continue reading Restaurant Review – The Durham Ox, Crayke

Magical Adventures York

Today I had the pleasure off attending a new and exciting class with my youngest son (3). Magical Adventures’ is an active adventure class for 13 month – 4 year olds. Jump on board the ‘Magical Adventures train’ for a different adventure destination every week, incorporating sensory activities, dance, music, imaginary play and structured games.… Continue reading Magical Adventures York

Daily Affirmations have changed my family’s life

A few weeks back I attended the Bumps and Baby Expo were I met the wonderful Baby Mindful York,  I've had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Sherrie before at another event where she introduced me to her Mindful classes for baby's and children.  I am a huge believer in Mindfulness and the incredible effects… Continue reading Daily Affirmations have changed my family’s life

Date Night After having Kids

I do feel that I am slightly telling a lie here that me and my partner follow all of these tips, but the intention is there and if I'm perfectly honest often I feel like my life is so involved with the kids most of the time my annoying yet lovely partner (we'll call him… Continue reading Date Night After having Kids

Hi My Names Abi and I’m a Mental Health Survivor….

Ok so in the early days everything a little crazy, lots of different people telling you different things, lots of adjustment and self discovery and lots and lots of ups and downs...but...there is a really beautiful light at the end of the tunnel once the fog has cleared. I never knew I even liked that!… Continue reading Hi My Names Abi and I’m a Mental Health Survivor….

‘I need help’…what happens next? 5 tips for the early days

Im so proud of you, you've admitted to yourself that things are not as they should be, you've done the bravest thing and asked for help! So now what?? Am I going to be bombarded with appointments? therapy sessions? Am I better?? Well lovely the short answer is No. I will tell you my story… Continue reading ‘I need help’…what happens next? 5 tips for the early days