Date Night After having Kids

I do feel that I am slightly telling a lie here that me and my partner follow all of these tips, but the intention is there and if I’m perfectly honest often I feel like my life is so involved with the kids most of the time my annoying yet lovely partner (we’ll call him Sleepy because all he loves sleep more then me I think!) Sleepy is left to his own devices which involve football, work, football, pub, football and cricket and it can be near on impossible to get him to enjoy anything that doesnt fir into those categories.

Thursday night is date night…

So from last week we decided that we would make more of an effort to have 1 night which is our night and take in in turns to either beg, borrow or kidnap a babysitter so we can actually leave the house together or think up some amazing ideas which we can do in the house and try feel like a normal couple again if this is possible with 4 children? I took the reigns for the first week and I completely smashed my date night choice …I took sleepy who cannot sit down for longer than 5 mins without falling asleep to the see a 3 hr film (Endgame, which was by the way INSANE!! and my second time seeing in a week) and guess what, he actually enjoyed it so 1-0 to Abs and yes it is a competition because Sleepy said so haha.

My Top 10 Date night ideas for couples with no or crap choice of babysitters!!

  • Try a recipe you’ve never tried before
  • See how much you are able to get done of a large (1000 piece) Puzzle
  • Recreate your first date
  • Take a romantic bubble bath together, light candles, soft music
  • Have a spa night…Facemasks, manicures, pedicures
  • Play pool/darts at your local pub
  • BBQ with just us 2 (hot tub extra)
  • Go to the gym together
  • Play the YouTube alphabet game (chose a song from an artist of your choice taking it in turns from A-Z)
  • Go for an evening walk in the country

As I write this it is Wednesday so tomorrow is Sleepys turn for Date night so fingers crossed hes not reading this so he doesnt steal my ideas. I also wanted to note that I was a single parent for a good few years and I absolutely loved having ‘Date night’ with my kids which I might even start doing again on a night that sleepy is out.

Do you have date night?? If so what are your favourite things to do??

Love and Hugs

Abs xxxx

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