Daily Affirmations have changed my family’s life

A few weeks back I attended the Bumps and Baby Expo were I met the wonderful Baby Mindful York,  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Sherrie before at another event where she introduced me to her Mindful classes for baby’s and children.  I am a huge believer in Mindfulness and the incredible effects it can have on adults an children.  Another thing that Sherrie introduced me to was the idea of daily affirmations and the positive effect it can have on your outlook.  Each time I have seen Sherrie she has encouraged me to choose 1 of her affirmation cards and I have them on my fridge to remind myself every day I am a Possitive mumma!  

I decided that if daily affirmations were helping me so much then it wouldn’t do any hard introducing the idea to my kids…especially on a morning when everything is completely hectic. The girls are arguing over whos got the wrong jumper on and im usually still in a medication haze and half asleep.

As important as it is for parents to encourage, love and support their children, it is just as important that children learn to create this within themselves. It is very empowering for a child to create positive beliefs in themselves so it is much harder for people to tear them down.

I want to be able to help my children nurture their own self belief through the power of affirmations which I hope will stay with them for life. Our own belief systems are developed about us and the world around us depending on the environment. Our own family, friends, television, internet, role models and media in general can either nurture or damage us and our children. So as a mother it is my job to take control of mine and my kids belief systems, the younger my children are the easier it will be for them to get into the habit of using affirmations in their lives. Negative beliefs can have such a negative impact on our lives and can be really difficult to shift as we grow up.

Affirmations are a powerful and holistic way of building a positive mind and happier children. Nurturing their authentic self and helping them to enjoy the magic of childhood.

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Benefits of Affirmations to Adults

A Positive affirmations also referred to as a self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion are basicly statements that we can make to assert the truth or something positive to ourselves. Positive affirmations are great at changing the way we feel and think about ourselves which can translate into our daily actions and our attitude when facing others.

1. Increases confidence

When constantly conditioning my thoughts by saying my positive affirmation, I am going to be more confident with the day to day problems which I may face. I am tricking my subconscious mind into believing I can successfully achieve a certain task by repeating the affirmation over and over in my head. I am more likely to achieve my goals threw sowing positive seeds into my thoughts.

2. Extensive applications

My positive affirmation has other key benefits which can be applied into numerous aspects of my life that may need improving. If I desire to enhance my career, finance, health and relationships additional affirmations will help me to fulfil all of my strengths and capabilities while eliminating negative feelings of doubt and insecurity.

3. Activates muscles

Filling my mind with positive thoughts and words continually will give me a more active and stronger brain. Letting negative thoughts take over is only going to leave me tired all the time.

4. Increases energy

Affirmation also has a great impact of the levels of energy of an individual. More often than not, a cheerful person is one having many positive thoughts. For that reason, health experts recommend that you begin each day with positive words and thoughts. These statements act like a multiplier on many other parts of your life.

There is only 1 demerit of affirmation which is that they can lead to feelings of disappointment, especially if you do not attain the outcome you expected. Therefore it is essential that you comprehend your affirmation will only work with planning and thought. After all this is my life and I can only be InControl of so much right?

Why not have a look at my daily affirmations available here to print https://spark.adobe.com/page/0SojxOaqfKhQt/

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