Magical Adventures York

Today I had the pleasure off attending a new and exciting class with my youngest son (3). Magical Adventures’ is an active adventure class for 13 month – 4 year olds. Jump on board the ‘Magical Adventures train’ for a different adventure destination every week, incorporating sensory activities, dance, music, imaginary play and structured games.

Each class begins with the welcome song which is a happy catchy tune which has a train theme..Josef loved waving the trains flags. This weeks class was ‘The Unicorn ball’.

Activity 1 focused on small hand held shakers to replica rain and bring about a rainbow for the Unicorns to appear at the bottom of, followed by a parachute exercise with light up balls. Jozef absolutly loves any activity involving a parachutes so another win win here.

The time came.for the unicorns to join us and to Jozefs delight they were large inflatables which he was able to ride on and make fantastic use of all the space in the hall. More activities involving coloured scarves, weaving in and out of cones and more dancing followed.

The session of 45 minutes ended with the Unicorns been put to bed and finally the goodbye song again with the train to bring us back home which Jozef again really enjoyed.

Separate classes for 3 – 4 year olds give them the opportunity to build their confidence and independence in a more challenging class, whilst still having lots of fun! These classes have a greater emphasis on communication skills, partner / team work and creative problem solving. They build on key concepts already introduced in the younger class including shapes, counting, sorting, colours and time.

Magical adventures run classes all throughout York on different days and we cannot wait for our next adventure. I loved how the class has a structured feel without the activities been forced. Jozef loved the size of the venue and how physical and active the activities were with a lovely calm ending.
For more information and to book your place visit:
T: 07983 465691.
Book a 3 week trial for an introductory special offer of £15.

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