Restaurant Review – The Durham Ox, Crayke

The small Village of Crayke is tucked away in the heart of North Yorkshire, and promises you everything you could possibly want from a picture perfect Yorkshire village. I have a very personal connection with Crayke being that all my children are Christened in the local St Cuthbert’s church, I attended the primary school here as do my own children and my parents were also married here. Every weekend I spent riding my pony around the village and in winter sledging down Crayke castle hill.

The absolute icing on the cake in this village is the award winning, luxurious and indulgent Durham Ox Pub and restaurant. Now I am slightly bias as I actually worked as a waitress here when I was in my late teens and I loved every single minute. I learned so much about fine dining and quality produce which has given me a very expensive and cultured palate with food and wine. This is a life skill I will always be incredibly grateful for and another reason why The Durham ox will always be my number 1 restaurant. I have also had many family occasions celebrated here including my daughters christening and several weddings too.

This review is a number of different visits usually on our date night, this will give you a good selection of different dishes which we have enjoyed recently.

The Ox serves a Fish platter which consists of Queenie Scallops, mini prawn cocktails, fresh smoked salmon and fish goujons. This has to be me and Andrews absolute favourite sharing platter.

Another 1 of my absolute favourite dishes are the mussels in a creamy white wine sauce which come with fresh bread and also fries as a main course. Baked Alaska is the next dish which was on the summer desert menu.

Alongside the restaurant is a stunning outside area which is perfect for a glass of pims in the summer months and a large barn convertion which can host your events and gatherings.

Visit the for events and offers here.

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