30 Days of Blogging – Explain your relationship

Well what a question to start on for day 1 (I will actually finish this challenge I promise) Around 4 weeks ago my best friend and Fiancee decided to walk out and move back home with his mother, the days and weeks which have passed since he left have been a turbulent rollercoaster of emotions for me and my children since. I honestly can say this has thrown me more than I ever thought possible and I have felt and experienced emotions I didn’t even know I felt towards him or people in his inner circle. When going through a rough patch or a breakup people and friendships really can show different sides and reveal they’re true colours.
I have been here and got the bloody t-shirt having had relationships break down before and I can only admit that it doesn’t get any easier at all. For me, everything that I loved and felt warmth towards has just become grey and I am fighting to find light from everything. I will get there and I will get stronger from this I know I will.

As she walks down the street a gentle breeze whispered around her ears offering a welcome comfort for a split second, the pavement leading her way through its grey dull maze of lines. The houses as she passes them watch her with all the eyes of the world leaving her feeling vulnerable and self-conscious to their antagonising glare, when she glances back there is nothing there but empty windows and doors, closed hiding inside their secrets and happy families. Where is she going? where is her home? where are her family?
Exhausted by the emotion she picks up her pace beginning to run into an open field, she takes off her shoes as if they were weights pulling her down into the unknown. She removes her hair from the band binding the long strands of her hair together releasing a cascade of curls down her back.

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