Restaurant Review – The Durham Ox, Crayke

The small Village of Crayke is tucked away in the heart of North Yorkshire, and promises you everything you could possibly want from a picture perfect Yorkshire village. I have a very personal connection with Crayke being that all my children are Christened in the local St Cuthbert's church, I attended the primary school here… Continue reading Restaurant Review – The Durham Ox, Crayke

Magical Adventures York

Today I had the pleasure off attending a new and exciting class with my youngest son (3). Magical Adventures’ is an active adventure class for 13 month – 4 year olds. Jump on board the ‘Magical Adventures train’ for a different adventure destination every week, incorporating sensory activities, dance, music, imaginary play and structured games.… Continue reading Magical Adventures York

Daily Affirmations have changed my family’s life

A few weeks back I attended the Bumps and Baby Expo were I met the wonderful Baby Mindful York,  I've had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Sherrie before at another event where she introduced me to her Mindful classes for baby's and children.  I am a huge believer in Mindfulness and the incredible effects… Continue reading Daily Affirmations have changed my family’s life

Date Night After having Kids

I do feel that I am slightly telling a lie here that me and my partner follow all of these tips, but the intention is there and if I'm perfectly honest often I feel like my life is so involved with the kids most of the time my annoying yet lovely partner (we'll call him… Continue reading Date Night After having Kids

York Bump and Baby Expo 2019

The Bump and Baby Expo is a one-stop shop for everything before, during and after pregnancy. Avocado events hosted a very special event within York racecourses on Sunday 7th April, i was extremely excited to be attending the event as a guest blogger and got the opportunity to meet some fantastic exhibitors and guests at… Continue reading York Bump and Baby Expo 2019

Living through a Nightmare

My Sister In law to be has this week experienced something which I think everyone fears beyond believe. At around 1.44am she was woken up to hear her smoke alarms sounding and find that her house was on fire, after running outside to see what was happening she quickly realised that the fire was billowing… Continue reading Living through a Nightmare

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

Todays challenge is "favourite quote"!! My chosen quote has been saved in my Pinterest board "inspiration" since 2012 but I guess ive only really connected with this quote in recent months. Do something today your future self will thank you for I wont lie, I'm probably the most unorganised person out there, I don't mean… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

How to revamp your kitchen dresser

I've always loved up-cycling and restoring used furniture, and my mission when we moved to our new house was to start doing more with some of the drabber items in our home....Yippee This particular dresser was nothing special....basic boring varnished pine with no character at all...just like the family member who passed it onto us. … Continue reading How to revamp your kitchen dresser

Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30

Ok so those who follow me over on Instagram will know all about my little dancing accident back in July, which resulted in my snapped acrutiatic ligurment in my knee. I would normally take something like this very seriously but in the circumstances it really was hilarious.... So picture the best friends wedding and… Continue reading Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30