Hi My Names Abi and I’m a Mental Health Survivor….

Ok so in the early days everything a little crazy, lots of different people telling you different things, lots of adjustment and self discovery and lots and lots of ups and downs...but...there is a really beautiful light at the end of the tunnel once the fog has cleared. I never knew I even liked that!… Continue reading Hi My Names Abi and I’m a Mental Health Survivor….

‘I need help’…what happens next? 5 tips for the early days

Im so proud of you, you've admitted to yourself that things are not as they should be, you've done the bravest thing and asked for help! So now what?? Am I going to be bombarded with appointments? therapy sessions? Am I better?? Well lovely the short answer is No. I will tell you my story… Continue reading ‘I need help’…what happens next? 5 tips for the early days

Maternal Mental health Week 2019 and Me

This week marks Maternal mental health week, something which is very close to my own heart and I'm sure has affected you as well in some way. 1 in 4 mums are affected either before or up to a year after the birth of their child. My own experience of perinatal mental health is a… Continue reading Maternal Mental health Week 2019 and Me

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

Todays challenge is "favourite quote"!! My chosen quote has been saved in my Pinterest board "inspiration" since 2012 but I guess ive only really connected with this quote in recent months. Do something today your future self will thank you for I wont lie, I'm probably the most unorganised person out there, I don't mean… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

Heartbreak and BPD

Suffering from serious mental illnesses alone is so unbelievably exhausting the thought of adding or making the daily emotional rollercoaster worse turns me sick to my stomic, but there are certain things which are completely out of your control. Things other people bring upon you like arguments, breakups and even death are often completely out… Continue reading Heartbreak and BPD

A change is good right??

Today I did something drastic...I actually listened to my own head and decided to totally change my hair....then I booked a personal trainer...and then I actually took a full body picture of myself feeling fairly fucking fabulous!!!!!! This is huge for me and a massive step in the right direction!!!! So yay to me!! In… Continue reading A change is good right??

Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30

Ok so those who follow me over on Instagram will know all about my little dancing accident back in July, which resulted in my snapped acrutiatic ligurment in my knee. I would normally take something like this very seriously but in the circumstances it really was hilarious.... So picture the scene....my best friends wedding and… Continue reading Nothing good can come from slut dropping after the age of 30

Disney Newcastle Meet Up December 2018

On Sunday, December 2nd I was incredibly lucky to be able to join the inspirational queen of the UK Disney community Rosin @disneyfind, at a wonderful Newcastle meet up perfectly in time for Christmas I cannot imagine how much time and thought Rosin put into this meet up as everything was perfect thoughout the evening… Continue reading Disney Newcastle Meet Up December 2018