Visit to Primark Birminghams New Store

On our way down to stay with my lovely friend Laura down in Essex it felt silly not to have a short detour via Primarks new store which I've seen so many good things about online. I'm not going to lie the store was absolutely heaving and I guess this is to be expected for… Continue reading Visit to Primark Birminghams New Store

York Bump and Baby Expo 2019

The Bump and Baby Expo is a one-stop shop for everything before, during and after pregnancy. Avocado events hosted a very special event within York racecourses on Sunday 7th April, i was extremely excited to be attending the event as a guest blogger and got the opportunity to meet some fantastic exhibitors and guests at… Continue reading York Bump and Baby Expo 2019

Living through a Nightmare

My Sister In law to be has this week experienced something which I think everyone fears beyond believe. At around 1.44am she was woken up to hear her smoke alarms sounding and find that her house was on fire, after running outside to see what was happening she quickly realised that the fire was billowing… Continue reading Living through a Nightmare

31 Day Blogging challenge…Day 7

Your Pet hates This is going to be fun..... Right so when we are at school we are all taught the same language and the same way to speak and spell this language so why do people still say words wrong?? My partner is the absolute worse for this...So instead of saying Horrible he says… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging challenge…Day 7

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 6

What are your 5 senses right now? Sight Straight in front of me is my laptop which is sitting on my white ikea desk surrounded by my stationary holder and a fresh cup of coffee in a pink mug. Behind my laptop is a white wall decorated with various white picture frames with different Disney… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 6

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 5

Ive been super excited to get to this day... "what are your top 5 songs right now?" Music is my life, it always has been and I must admit I change my mind hourly as to what song I love the most and times and moods will always influence me...but right now this is my… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 5

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 4

When I saw this question on the challenge I almost skipped it because well theres only 30 days in April and This challenge is 31 days but then I realised facing this question was a huge step in my Mental health journey. What is your biggest fear? Back in 2015 when my mental health took… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 4

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

Todays challenge is "favourite quote"!! My chosen quote has been saved in my Pinterest board "inspiration" since 2012 but I guess ive only really connected with this quote in recent months. Do something today your future self will thank you for I wont lie, I'm probably the most unorganised person out there, I don't mean… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 3

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 2

Day 2 I'm on a roll...ha ha...ok so today I am going to fascinate you with 20 interesting facts about mwahhh... Uno... When I was christened I threw up all over the vicar.. I fell off my scooter because there was frozen brussel sprouts on the path...FACT... My childhood teddy was a lion called Aslan… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 2

31 Day Blogging Challenge

Theres nothing like a good challenge to motivate and inspire you so here goes ... 31 days of blog posts... 1.Introduction and recent picture I never liked my name growing up and always preferred to be called Abi, I especially loved it when people referred to me as Abs but hated been called Abigail. It… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge