Magical Adventures York

Today I had the pleasure off attending a new and exciting class with my youngest son (3). Magical Adventures’ is an active adventure class for 13 month – 4 year olds. Jump on board the ‘Magical Adventures train’ for a different adventure destination every week, incorporating sensory activities, dance, music, imaginary play and structured games.… Continue reading Magical Adventures York

31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 4

When I saw this question on the challenge I almost skipped it because well theres only 30 days in April and This challenge is 31 days but then I realised facing this question was a huge step in my Mental health journey. What is your biggest fear? Back in 2015 when my mental health took… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge…Day 4

31 Day Blogging Challenge

Theres nothing like a good challenge to motivate and inspire you so here goes ... 31 days of blog posts... 1.Introduction and recent picture I never liked my name growing up and always preferred to be called Abi, I especially loved it when people referred to me as Abs but hated been called Abigail. It… Continue reading 31 Day Blogging Challenge